Bibliography – List of Works

Non-fiction Books

One Europe – a Hundred Nations, 1992

Loch Ness with Jacobite – A History of Cruising on Loch Ness, 2007

Pentland Hero – The Saga of the Orkney Short Sea Crossing, 2010

George Bellairs – The Littlejohn Casebook: The 1940s, 20010

Who Pays the Ferryman? – The Great Scottish Ferries Swindle, 2013

Western Ferries – Taking on Giants, 2015

The Pedersen Chronicles – A Family History of the Pedersens of Ardrossan, 1918

Gaelic Guerrilla – John Angus Mackay: Gael Extraordinaire, 1919


I am currently looking for an agent to represent me to publish the trilogy for which manuscripts are now available:

The Affair of Brother Richard

Murder at Sweetheart Abbey

The Odinist


Alba (Scotland in Gaelic), 1st edition 1969

Alba (Scotland in Gaelic), 2nd edition 1972

Alba (Scotland in Gaelic), 3rd edition 1985

Leodhas agus Na Heradh, (Gaelic map of Lewis and Harris), 1st edition 1970

Leodhas agus Na Heradh, (Gaelic map of Lewis and Harris), 2nd edition 1985

Hjaltland (Shetland in Old Norse), jointly with Roy Grönneberg, 1977

Orkneyjar ok Katanes (Orkney and Caithness in Old Norse), jointly with Roy Grönneberg, 1st Edition 1979

Orkneyjar ok Katanes (Orkney and Caithness in Old Norse), 2nd Edition 1992

Arrainn (Arran in Gaelic), 1979

Scotland (in Scots), 1980

Cymru (Wales in Welsh), 1984

Uibhist agus Barraidh, (Uist and Barra in Gaelic), 1985

Titiodh agus Colla (Tiree and Coll in Gaelic), jointly with Allan Boyd, 1986

Tir Chaluim Chille (Scotland, Ireland and Isle of Man in Gaelic), 2002

Monographs and Reports

Highlands and Islands Sea Freight, September 1974

Highlands and Islands Air Facilities, September 1974

Roads to the Isles – A Study of Sea Freight Charges in the Highlands and Islands, December 1974

Highlands and Islands Rail Facilities, March 1975

Highlands and Islands Road Haulage, June 1975

Highlands and Islands Transport Review 1975, October 1975

The Norse Way – a Study of Norwegian Ferry Operations, April 1977

International Ferry Comparisons, July 1977

HIDB Ferry Policy, Towards Rationalisation of the Highlands and Islands Ferry System (draft), February 1978

A Ferry Link between Iceland, the Faroes and the Rest of Scandinavia, February 1978

HIDB Ferry Policy (Consultative Draft), September 1978

Community Co-operatives Facts and Figures, August 1980

Community Co-Operatives Information Sheet – The Setting up Process, August 1982

Community Co-Operatives Information Sheet – Community Survey, August 1982

Community Co-Operatives Information Sheet – Election of management Committee, August 1982

Community Co-Operatives Information Sheet – Appointment of manager, August 1982

New Economic Agenda (The), A Conference of the Findhorn Foundation, 1984

Community Enterprise – Progress Report 1985, March 1985

Community Enterprise – Progress Report 1985, March 1986

Co Chomunn Nis – It’s Birth, Life and Death, September 1986

The Last St Kilda Steamers, April 1989

Social Development and Community Enterprise in the Highlands and Islands, May 1989

Study Visit to Galicia 11-17 June 1989, July 1989

The Cowan Report 1982-92

Clyde Coast Renaissance, January 1993

The Dynamics of Gaelic development, May 1993

Gaelic Tourism Concepts, jointly with John Shaw, September 1993

Comunn na Gaidhlig – ag obair dhuibhse, 1994

Gaidhlig 2000, A Strategy for Gaelic Development into the 21st Century, 1994

Scots Gaelic an Economic Force, a paper delivered at the Institute of Irish Studies, The University of Liverpool, April 1995

Fàilte – Welcome to Scotland’s Gaelic Renaissance, Jointly with Sonia Cameron, also in Gaelic, French and German, 1995

Facal – English-Gaelic Phrase Book, 1996, Also German-Gaelic, French-Gaelic, Spanish-Gaelic and Italian-Gaelic

Why Gaelic? – Some questions and answers, 1996

Air-Rail Integration, The Scottish Context, January 1997

Fàilte – Welcome to Scotland’s Gaelic Renaissance 97, 1997

Ainmean Bhuidhnean Oifigeil – Gaelic and English names of Official Bodies in Scotland, 1997

Developing an Integrated Transport Policy, November 1997

Study Visit to the Sámi Community in Norway 19-25, April 1998, May 1998

On Track – The Newsletter of Highland Rail Developments, November 1998

A New Regime for the Development of Gaelic, December 1998

Ferry Futures, February 1999

International Workshop, maintenance, Revitalisation and Development of Minority Languages, Sorbisches Institut, Bautzen, April 1999

Delivering Lifeline Ferry Services, A vessel Owning and Leasing Company, September 2000

A Highlands and Islands Transport Authority – The Case, September 2000

Eisteddfod Visit & Report, August 2002

Gaelic Clusters, Developing Gaelic Energy Centres, undated, c 2003

A Gaelic Language and Culture Plan for Inverness and Nairn, jointly with Hecla Consulting, April 2004,

A Full-time Gaelic Child Care Centre, A business Plan Prepared for Foram Gaidhlig Inbhir Nis, in collaboration with Graem Scott & Co C.A., July 2004

Pultneytown People’s Project – Review of Management Structures, jointly with Cromarty Consultants, January 2005

Evaluation of Bòrd na Gàidhlig Core Clients (2004-05), February 2005

A Full-Time Gaelic Child-Care Centre for North Uist, jointly with Hecla Consulting, April 2005

Manx and Scots Gaelic Cultural and Media Links, December 2005

Western Isles Ferry Fares Mechanism Study, jointly with Napier University, January 2006

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A Maritime Policy for Scotland, jointly with Professor Alfred Baird, March 2017

Little Minch Ferry Options, July 2017

Miscellaneous Issues – Ferry Policy and Practice, March 2019

Ferries and the Islands Plan, October 2019

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Ferry Industry Advisory Group, Representation of Concerns, August 2020

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The Barra and Vatersay Community Ferry Initiative, February 2021

Transforming Mull’s Connections, An options assessment undertaken for the Mull & Iona Ferry Committee, November 2021

Inverness Castle, Flags, Banners and Symbols, An outline Options Appraisal, March 2023

A Better Future for Scotland’s Ferries. A response to the Scottish Government’s Islands Connectivity Plan, March 2024.